Al kuwait Holding Ltd. (AKH) is a financier group, providing a comprehensive project funding solutions.

AKH has distinguished itself by providing expert access to the most advanced financing products and source unique funding solutions through major banks and capital markets providing funding for challenging situations. Al Kuwait holding Ltd maintains close associations with chief international Capital Market hubs where we source funding for large valued projects.

Our concepts utilize the vast array of major banks and multiple international financial institutions for international project funding.We maintain close strategic associations with capital market groups locally, Dubai, Qatar and banks in London, Singapore, Frankfurt, Zurich,China,France,Spain Geneva and Hong Kong.

We assist governments and large corporations for consulting, management and the financing of major development projects

What Advantage do I get with AKH

  • 100% financing – no  hidden processing fees
  • In-house credit department with extensive underwriting experience ready to quickly review your finance request
  • Flexibility in financing from $1,000,000 to $500,000,000 projects
  • Worldwide network of funding sources allowing us to approve your request when other lenders cannot
  • Capacity to approve all credit levels from “A – D” and can structure the harder credits to get their projects financed
  • Ability to work with private, public and non-profit groups
  • Superior personal service; you can reach us 7 days a week by email and speak directly with us during business hours.
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