Al kuwait Holding Ltd takes pride in delivering world-class service to all of our customers. Read what some of our satisfied clients have said about us!

John Hubacz
– CEO ZN Technologies

Alkuwait Holding Ltd has helped many of our clients finance our equipment very quickly and easily. Mr. Ahmed handles the process from start to finish so we never worry about any of the details – he just gets the job done! Thanks again for all your support!

Gehrin Ortiz
– Vice President of Diamond SG

AKH and I have done business for many years and helped me close numerous projects to help my clients get the funding they needed to keep expanding their business. AKH is able to finance projects which most banks will not touch. I look forward to keeping things rolling!

John Krueger
– Element Group – Real power

Alkuwait Holding Ltd Make’s Projects Happen Fast!! Turn around and soft proposal within 3 days. we look forward to expanding our business with AKH support.

Frank T. Rondinelli
– Director of Sales – Jarama Holding

Thanks for your help and I am sincere in my testimonial; your support in financing our clients has been invaluable and helped our business grow. You are a true professional and it is always a pleasure to work with you.

Ibrahim Bin Ali
– Mohamed Trading LLC

Alkuwait Holding Ltd,
You’ve have been a great help through this difficult time in my business. I appreciate all the phone calls and support. I could not have done it without you. Thank You and I’m sure we’ll do more business in the future!

“I want to thank Alkuwait Holding Ltd. so much for closing and securing my restaurant. I had tried everything banks, and other so called lending institutions and NONE of them got me anything. My loan was very complexed and that made it challenging, which I understood going in, but these companies gave me nothing at all. A colleague of mine told me about Alkuwait Holding Ltd and the minute I called I felt a degree of relief. I was able to fund my restaurant seven days from the date of initial contact with Alkuwait Holding Ltd. The communication was great right from the start. Thanks Alkuwait Holding Ltd Commercial Funding for making my families dream a reality”
— S. Nguyen Business Owner Manama, Bahrain

“Fast and reliable service. My loan was approved in 7 days. I can’t believe how quickly my calls were returned. Thank you very much Al Kuwait Holding Ltd for a great loan program. I highly recommend Al Kuwait Holding Ltd.”
— Private Practice Doctor Dubai, UAE

“After calling Lender after lender I am so glad I found Alkuwait Holding Ltd. They were the first company that was honest with me about what they could do for me. Not once did I feel unaware or mislead about the loan process. I received a Commitment in 2 days as advertised and closed 14 days later with great terms. Thanks for the service.”

— Multi-Family Investor Madrid, Spain

Alkuwait Holding Ltd. was very knowledgeable and professional in addressing my business partner and my concerns. We were able to partner with Alkuwait Holding Ltd to fund on for our Beachfront project.”
— Lee & Bret Hong Kong

“As a high-end commercial real estate professional I don’t typically endorse companies, however I was extremely impressed with Alkuwait Holding Ltd. in educating me and my client from start to finish to fund a entertainment/mixed used complex. Since this was a project outside the Kuwait. I was prepared for a bumpy ride. I have been in the business for 30 plus years and rarely do I see this kind of performance. This company will get it done.”
— J. Blair/Commercial Real Estate Owner Dubai, UAE

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